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About Me

In my own journey to health, finding answers was always the problem. Specialist appointments, naturopathy, blood tests, acupuncture, nutrition and supplements, you name it,  I did it. For 5 long years I searched for answers to my chronic fatigue, missing period, to the inflammation that meant I couldn't close my hands into a fist.

Everyone I spoke to had a different opinion, every professional I spoke to had a different solution.

I think that deep down, I always had a feeling about why I had all these symptoms, but I'd been taught not to trust myself. That others knew more. 

When I found kinesiology it was like a massive exhale. I could relax. For me, I knew this was my path to home. 

Throughout my kinesiology journey, I have been constantly reminded of this.

As a practitioner, I will not be your guru. You are your own guru. I am a facilitator, and it's my job is to help you find your own answers. The answers your body holds. The answers, that maybe, you've forgotten how to access.


You don't need any more opinions, it's time to start listening to yourself.

I currently travel around Australia helping my clients to create life-long changes for themselves. Based in Mackay until November, you can find me at My Natural Health Clinic or work with me online.


It's my mission to support individuals who are tired of searching outside of them for answers.

Let me help you reconnect to yourself, release the emotions, limiting beliefs and physical ailments you've existed with for so long, and be with you as you expand into the person that has been deep within you all this time.

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