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Massage Therapy 


About Me

I'm a holistic Kinesiologist and Massage Therapist currently practicing in Perth, Western Australia. 

Through my own journey in finding answers to my health issues, I've come to realise that, although were taught to outsource, we’re our own best healers and often the answer is so much simpler than it’s made out to be. Now it's my jam to support individuals in taking back ownership of their life, health and joy by deepening their understanding of their biology and psychology. 

What is Kinesiology?

Put simply, Kinesiology is a holistic healing modality that uses a combination of Eastern and Western healing techniques to create profound healing within the body.

Kinesiology builds on the knowledge that emotional, spiritual, mental stress and trauma create imbalance within the physical and energetic bodies. This often leads to pain and eventually disease.

Through the use of muscle monitoring, your Kinesiologist is guided by your body, not only to where this stress is located in the body, but also the best tools to release it. These tools include holding acupressure points, felt sense, energetic work, muscle movements, accessing the body's subconscious deep survival system and much more, enabling greater balance and harmony in all aspects of life.

Each Kinesiology session is unique to the client and completely tailored to the individual, with results that can be felt immediately.

Why Kinesiology?

Kinesiology can help guide you to finding solutions for:

  • Stress, anxiety and depression.

  • Low energy and sleep issues.

  • Physical pain and chronic ailments.

  • PMS, period pain and fertility.

  • Goal setting and mindset coaching.

  • Relationship issues.

  • Nutritional & digestive support.

  • Fears and phobias.

  • Memory and learning difficulties.

"We cannot create a new future,

by holding onto the emotions of the past."

Dr. Joe Dispenza


I always feel so relaxed, centered and stress-free after I have a Kinesiology session with Jo. She is such a warm, beautiful person who will make you feel safe and cared for. Jo always helps me to open up and recognise where my stress is coming from. I highly recommend her.

Kaitlin, Western Australia

All my life, I've had issues with tight and inflexible hips and pelvis and have searched for ways to improve it without much success. Thanks to Jo, I've now been able to improve my yoga, sit comfortably cross legged and now feel so much more supported in the way I walk and carry myself. She helped me link all the suppressed emotion and stress that I've held there for many years and with her beautiful guidance, was able to let go of. Thank you Jo, you are incredible! 

Chloe, Victoria

Jo made me feel completely safe and comfortable with working through healing. She has a calming and wise presence that allowed me to feel fully understood and cared for.

A wonderful experience all round!

Bronte, South Australia 

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